Hens love nesting together and can’t get enough of the cock.
They seem to enjoy clucking on and on about nothing in particular, never pausing for a moment to let anyone else get a word in edgewise.
They often emit a certain odor, the kind that makes you question whether or not they’ve been laying more than just eggs.
Hens are a type of fowl and so are naturally foul. Their beaks are liable to peck you unexpectedly and often over a cause unknown to you.
There are more hens in the world than any other species of bird.
They are easily domesticated and, indeed, prefer to exist in that manner.
Sometimes hens are referred to as “the bird that gives birth every day.”
I guess one could say they give birth in manifold ways–to the lives of others and the reinvention of themselves when the occasion to do so arises.
Omnivorous creatures, they’ll consume anything to satisfy their whims, scratching and clawing at the ground for sustenance with their inconceivably sharp nails.
Once their appetites have been momentarily satisfied, they waddle around contentedly, prompting the wattle beneath their beaks to jiggle and jostle about with a zeal beyond their control.
Some hens even have muffs, a beard-like feathering around their face.
Rather static in physicality (not to mention personality), hens aren’t prone to flight unless they sense imminent danger. Otherwise, they’re quite happy to nest in the same area for days on end, their sole purpose being to answer to the cock and hatch more future hens that will become just like them.

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